Practicing the pause

“Practice the pause. When in doubt, pause. When angry, pause. When tired, pause. When stressed, pause. And when you pause, pray.” – Author Unknown.

Living in this day and age has become similar to a filthy rat race to the top. Everyone is so busy doing something, getting somewhere, meeting someone that we forget to take a break and just inhale the air around us as opposed to the robotic breathing we are accustomed to. Just as everyone is quick to move forward in their lives, they’re even quicker in reacting to whatever may be tossed onto their path. We as a society have forgotten the importance of the ‘pause’.

In times of anger, we snap fizzle and pop, causing collateral emotional, and sometimes physical damage to those we love most. In times of sadness, our tears fall down our faces like nature’s very first waterfalls. When we’re in doubt, it’s almost like the whole world can hear our mind breaking, slowly and painfully. When our little hearts tucked away deep within the confines of our chest are gifted with happiness, it jumps and jives around, trying to tear its way out of our chests and into the wider world. And despite not being able to, that happiness shines on the faces of those it is bestowed upon. Bright, glowing faces of happiness.

The point here is that humans are vessels of emotions. And even though different people channel their emotions differently, there seems to be a recurring pattern with emotions when the ‘pause’ isn’t practiced in its correct moment. Time and time again, Allah attributes reflection to understanding. People that reflect on all aspects of life are those with understanding. In this instance, pausing can very well be used interchangeably with reflecting because when practicing the *pause*, time is given to *reflect* on the situation at hand. How and why things went the way they did. How to de-escalate the current atmosphere. A reasonable way to come to an appropriate solution. By pausing, we put our animalistic side of acting on instinct a seat on the bench, and let our humanly reason and logic shoot some hoops. Pause. Pause. Pause. And then, reflect. You can never go wrong.

“Will you then not reflect?” (The Holy Quran, 37:155)


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