Us & Them

As I sit here at 11:40pm on a Sunday night, I can’t help but think about the world of chaos we are living in. Everything from the vices present in the Western world, to the senseless killings that are the everyday norm in the Muslim world.

And then I think back to the days of the Prophet, may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him. About how he (saw) lived, and how his companions lived. The things they strived for compared to what we strive for. The society they lived in, and how they faced the adversities that knocked the wind right out of their lungs. The way they worshipped, and how they lived when prosperity was bestowed upon them in abundance. And then my heart sinks just that little bit more, deep within the confines of my chest.

We, the Muslims of today love listening to the inspiring stories of those that came before us. It puts some strength in our spines and a little courage in our hearts. It gives us a strong sense of pride, history and identity. We look at the giants of our religion and are able to hold our heads high at what they achieved and everything they stood for. We know that they’ve set the standards, not only for Muslims, but for the whole of humanity.

You see, these men and women we look up to and admire so deeply knew what it was about. They knew the secret to a happy life, and they understood the essence of their purpose on this world. They knew when the winds of change blew, and how to repair the damage that was done. These great men and women understood the meaning of living in a metaphysical world. Metaphysics is something that transcends physical matter, or the laws of nature. The companions understood that their actions would cause a direct or opposite reaction in the world. They would sin, Allah would withhold something from them. They stood up for the rights of the oppressed and looked after the orphans, and Allah would bless them with prosperity. Their interpretation of the world was so different to our interpretation of it, and that is *the* defining difference between us and them. We live in a physical world, and they lived in a metaphysical world. They recognised that everything is from Allah, good or bad, and they realised that what Allah sends their way is a direct result of their relationship with Him.

Perhaps that is why they mastered the art of living and were granted such high ranks. That’s what makes them a cut, or two, above the rest of us. They strived for perfection, and we just strive for greatness.


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